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Tips for Parents – Teaching Children Healthy Habits

Tips for Parents for Healthy Children’s by Plymouth Urgent Care and Bloomfield Urgent Care

Learn to create a healthy lifestyle for kids. Establish lifelong habits that help kids avoid the serious health risks associated with childhood obesity. Find out more about the wellness and preventive care services offered at Plymouth Urgent Care & Bloomfield Urgent Care. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Plymouth MI, and Bloomfield Hills MI.

Tips for Parents for Healthy Children’s Near Me in Plymouth, MI and Bloomfield Hills, MI
Tips for Parents for Healthy Children’s Near Me in Plymouth, MI and Bloomfield Hills, MI

Table of Contents:

Healthy habits every child should know
1. Movement is important
2. Check food labels
3. Never skip breakfast
4. Proper hand washing techniques
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Healthy habits every child should know

As parents, we pass along more than just genes to our kids. Teaching children healthy habits at a young age is one of the best ways to ensure they grow up healthy.

From properly washing their hands to learning how to read food labels and eating a healthy diet, here are some tips you can instill in your child to keep them healthy and happy throughout their entire lives.

1. Movement is important

A study by the Mayo Clinic shows that children who watch more than 1-2 hours of television a day are at greater risk for several health problems, including:

• Reduced performance at school.
• Behavioral difficulties, such as emotional and social problems and attention disorders.
• Obesity or being overweight.
• Irregular sleep patterns, including trouble falling asleep and resisting bedtime.

There are many benefits to getting your children off the couch and outside to play, including keeping their bodies and minds healthy.

It’s also important for your child to find exercises that they enjoy. Playing outdoors offers the chance to socialize and meet new friends. However, if the weather isn’t great for playing outdoors or your child is not a fan of sports, try finding an indoor activity your child likes to participate in.

2. Check food labels

While food labels may seem overwhelming for your little one (and maybe for you, too) focus on limiting these main areas:

• Calories
• Saturated fats and trans fats
• Grams of sugar

As children get older, you can explain what certain ingredients mean in more detail, and which to stay away from in their food.

3. Never skip breakfast

Sometimes, it can feel like a mad dash to get ready for school in the morning – which means your little one may grow to avoid eating breakfast to finish doing what they have to do.

It’s important to teach them that a healthy breakfast is vital to get their metabolism working, starting their brain for the day, keeping chronic illnesses at bay, and giving their bodies the fuel they need to be strong.

4. Proper hand washing techniques

Did you know that 95% of people don’t wash their hands? And what’s scarier, is that only 33% of people who do wash their hands wash them right? Practice proper handwashing techniques with your child to show them how a simple action can protect themselves, their family and friends, and those they don’t know from getting sick.

Here are the recommendations from the World Health Organization:

• Wet your hands with warm water.
• Apply soap.
• Create a rich lather by rubbing palms together – inspire your child to wash their hands long enough by singing Happy Birthday while they wash their hands.
• Interlace fingers and rub the underside of fingers, knuckles, and palms.
• Scrub thumbs.
• Rub your palms with your fingertips.
• Rinse hands with warm water.
• Dry your hands.

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