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Ear Wax Removal Clinic Questions and Answers

If you are dealing with excess amounts of ear wax leading to ear pain and other unpleasant symptoms, we would be happy to provide ear wax removal services at Urgent Medical Care! Call us for more information or schedule an appointment online! We have 2 convenient locations to serve in Plymouth MI, Bloomfield MI, and surrounding areas!

Ear Wax Removal Clinic Near Me in Plymouth MI, Bloomfield Hills MI
Ear Wax Removal Clinic Near Me in Plymouth MI, Bloomfield Hills MI

While ear wax may not be something most people want to think about any more than they have to, there are times when it becomes impossible to ignore. If ear wax has built up in your ears to the point that it is causing you pain or restricting your ability to hear, it may be time to see a doctor about ear wax removal treatment. At Urgent Medical Care, our doctors have plenty of experience and expertise at safely and effectively removing ear wax.

What is ear wax removal?

Ear wax removal is a minimally invasive procedure performed to safely remove the waxy substance known medically as cerumen from the ears when it builds up in the ear canal. The function of cerumen is to protect the skin in the ear canal, help with cleaning and lubrication, and protect against bacteria, fungi, and water. However, if too much ear wax builds up in the ear canal, it can have a variety of different symptoms, including hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or itchiness in the ears. Cerumen can appear brown, gray, orange, red, or yellow in color.

Should I go to the doctor to remove ear wax?

While it is common for ear wax to build up from time to time without requiring medical attention, there are situations where the amount of ear wax causes problems. In such cases, it is a good idea to go to the doctor for ear wax removal. Some signs that you should go to the doctor for an ear wax removal procedure include the following:

  • Difficulty hearing
  • Discharge from the ear
  • Ear pain
  • Ear wax becomes impacted or stuck
  • Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears

If you are experiencing such symptoms, it is important that you do not attempt to remove the ear wax on your own, as doing so could cause further complications. In general, using cotton swabs to remove ear wax is not recommended, as the cotton swab simply pushes the earwax further down the ear canal, which has the potential to cause further damage to the ear canal, such as a rupture of the eardrum.

How does a doctor remove ear wax?

There are a couple of different ways that a doctor can remove earwax. One method of removing ear wax is referred to as curettage, in which your doctor would use a small, curved instrument known as a curette, that has a suction attached to remove ear wax from the ear canal by gently suctioning and scraping the ear wax from the ear canal.

Another method of ear wax removal is known as irrigation, which is a more common method than curettage. With irrigation, your doctor would prescribe an ear-wax removal medication, in which the main ingredient would carbamide peroxide, to soften the ear wax. Once the ear wax is softened enough, a water and saline mixture would be used to flush out the earwax.

Is Earwax removal painful?

While it is important to remain still during the procedure to prevent any damage occurring to the ear canal, the ear wax removal procedure itself should not be painful. Ear wax removal procedures do not require anesthesia or pain medicine to perform safely and successfully.

If you are dealing with excess amounts of ear wax leading to ear pain and other unpleasant symptoms, we would be happy to provide excellent ear wax removal services at Urgent Medical Care! For an appointment with one of our doctors, please feel free to call us, schedule an appointment through our website, or visit one of our clinics is Bloomfield Hills or Plymouth, Michigan, for a walk-in appointment. We serve patients from Plymouth MI, Bloomfield MI, Livonia MI, Novi MI, Worden MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Troy MI, and Farmington Hills.

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