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The Importance of Getting Your Child Vaccinated

Vaccines are made from a weakened or dead form of a germ that can cause a disease. When this germ is introduced into your system, it’s so weak that you don’t get sick. Instead, your body makes antibodies to fight it off quickly and easily.

Should you come in contact with the same disease in the future, your body can easily fight it off because you already have the antibodies needed.

Children and Vaccines

When Do Children Need Vaccines?

Typically, children get most of the shots they’ll ever need within the first few years of their life. A few of the most common vaccines children receive include the chickenpox, hepatitis A and B, measles, meningococcal, and polio.

It’s also possible your child will need additional shots for the same vaccine. Polio, for example, often requires:

  • One dose at two months.

  • A second dose at four months.

  • A third dose between six and 18 months.

  • A final dose between four and six years old.

But because every child’s needs are different (some children battling a serious or chronic illness may be advised to postpone their vaccines), you should always consult with your doctor about their immunizations.

What Happens if My Child Isn’t Vaccinated?

If your child isn’t vaccinated according to their doctor’s recommendations, they’re at risk for contracting serious and preventable diseases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), measles (one of the most contagious viruses on Earth) spiked in 2017 due to gaps in vaccination coverage. Many other diseases, such as chickenpox, have also been on the rise in recent years due to parents deciding not to get their child vaccinated.


From the flu shot to the TDAP, Bloomfield Urgent Care does it all. While we can certainly treat your illness, we'd love to keep you from ever getting sick in the first place. Vaccinations are designed to bolster your immune system so you don't fall ill with a serious, preventable disease.