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What are the Benefits of Having X-Rays at Urgent Care Centers?

What are the Benefits of Having X-Rays at Urgent Care Centers?

Urgent Medical Care Plymouth & Bloomfield provides X-ray services to patients during non-life threatening situations. For more information, contact us now or schedule an appointment online. Urgent Medical Care has convenient locations in Plymouth, MI and Bloomfield MI.

What are the Benefits of Having X-Rays at Urgent Care Centers in Plymouth, MI and Bloomfield MI
What are the Benefits of Having X-Rays at Urgent Care Centers in Plymouth, MI and Bloomfield MI

Table of Contents:

What is an X-ray?
Common reasons why doctors recommended X-rays?
Are X-ray results reliable?
What are the benefits of having X-rays at urgent care centers?

X-ray technology is a valuable tool used in urgent care clinics across the country. If you need an X-ray, it is important to know about the value and process that this technology has in the care process.

What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a painless and quick means of imaging. It can give images of the interior structures of your body, particularly the bones. X-ray beams pass through the body and are absorbed in differing amounts depending on the material that they pass through. More dense materials like bone and metal will show up as white on X-rays. Fat and muscle tissues appear in gray shades. Air in the lungs will show up black.
For some types of X-rays, a contrast medium may be used to provide better detail on the images. Iodine and barium are two of the more common substances used for this.

Common reasons why doctors recommended X-rays?

X-rays are used to examine various parts of the body.

Bones and teeth
• X-rays can identify infections and fractures in bones and teeth.
• X-rays can spot evidence of arthritis in your joints. Comparing X-rays over time can show if your arthritis is getting worse.
• Dentists will use X-rays to spot cavities in your teeth.
• X-ray tests can measure bone density.
• X-rays can show bone tumors.
• Lung infections, like pneumonia, tuberculosis, and lung cancer can be identified with X-rays.
• Breast cancer can be detected with a special kind of X-ray that checks breast tissue.
• An enlarged heart is a sign of heart failure and shows up well on X-rays.
• Using a contrast material will help highlight areas of your circulatory system and show blocked blood vessels.
• Digestive tract issues can be identified using a contrast medium and X-rays.
• Swallowed items can be a problem easily discovered with X-rays.

Are X-ray results reliable?

X-ray results can be quite reliable. The reliability will primarily be based on the qualifications and ability of the person who is reading and interpreting the information on the X-ray. Overall, the skill level and ability to read X-rays are very good. If you have visited a dentist or urgent care clinic, you will have experience with X-rays and find that they lead to a proper diagnosis very often.
The benefit of X-rays is that they can be an easy first step in identifying what the problem can be. They can indicate that there is a problem, such as a broken bone, or foreign object in the body. If the information that is gathered from an X-ray appears to be inconclusive, another testing can be done to verify what the problem may be.

What are the benefits of having X-rays at urgent care centers?

There are a few outstanding benefits of having X-rays done at an urgent care center.
Communication between the patient and the care team is easier at an urgent care center. This leads to faster diagnosis and treatment of the health concern.
Since there isn’t a long line of people waiting to read and diagnose the problem as can happen at an ER, wait time is reduced considerably. Digital X-rays make the imaging and diagnosing of the issue more accurate and allow for easy information sharing with your specialist or primary care doctor. This speeds up treatment timelines.
X-rays provide great clarity and add great benefits for urgent care work. There is no confusion about the injury sustained. The availability of digital X-rays increases the quality of the scan and makes it easier to confirm a diagnosis. The images are ready quickly to show you what issue may need to be addressed.
Urgent Medical Care offers digital X-ray services. If you need an X-ray, call and make an appointment. We are here to help. We serve patients from Plymouth MI, Bloomfield Hills MI, Livonia MI, Novi MI, Worden MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Troy MI, Farmington Hills MI, and surrounding areas!




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