5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Holiday Season

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Holiday Season
5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Holiday Season

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Hustle and Bustle of the Holiday Season

We hate to say it, but the most wonderful time of year is also one of the most unhealthy. From crazy travel schedules to crowded living rooms, it’s easy to get sick during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Give yourself the gift of good health this season by making health a priority!

1. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Don’t let the holiday “spirits” get the better of you this season. While it’s okay to have a glass or two, you don’t want to have too much alcohol throughout the day, as it can lower your immune system and cause you to become dehydrated. Either in place of alcohol or between each alcoholic drink, opt for a glass of water.

2. Pay Attention to Portions

It can be easy to get a little carried away at a Thanksgiving buffet. It may be the holidays, but portion size is still a major contributing factor to your health. Prevent yourself from overeating by having breakfast in the morning, drinking water throughout the day, and filling your plate with mostly vegetables.

3. Stay Active

That full feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner? It’s not exactly a good thing. If, despite your best efforts, you indulged a little too much, the last thing you should do is plant yourself on the couch. Instead, get up and take a long walk with your family. Just like the rest of the year, daily exercise will help keep you healthy and feeling your best.

4. Take Precautions Against Food Poisoning

From how you prepare food to how you store it, food poisoning is the last thing anyone wants to have during the holidays. When cooking, make sure to wash your hands often, especially if you’re preparing raw meat. After dinner, never let food sit out for more than two hours and always store meat on the bottom-most shelf.

5. Don’t Get Too Little (or Too Much) Sleep

Midnight flights and uncomfortable guest mattresses can have a serious effect on your quality of sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, enlist the help of green tea – a natural sleep aid. On the opposite hand, try not to get too much sleep during your days off. Oversleeping can cause you to feel groggy and affect your appetite.

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